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Falcon 900C

 F900C   F900C

The Falcon 900C is a large business jet capable of accommodating 14 passengers and a flight attendant in a luxuriously appointed stand-up cabin. Features include dual passenger cabin zones, two divans which fold out into lie flat beds, a full galley equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine and two lavatories.

Passenger Loads: 14

Range: 3,400nm / 6,300km

Luggage: Large external rear baggage and small interior front baggage area.

Entertainment: Magnastar satelite phone system, Airshow 400, DVD/CD/RGB

Toilet: Yes - Fore and aft lavatories

Galley: Yes - Equipped with Nespresso coffee machine and oven.



Learjet 31ER


The Learjet 31 ER is the iconic business aircraft. It has the capacity to travel from Essendon to Canberra in 38 minutes. Excellent field performance. A four passenger load is ideal, however, it will seat up to six passengers.

Passenger Loads: 5-6

Range: 1,500nm / 2,800 km

Luggage: Two small internal baggage areas, one small tail baggage area

Entertainment: Powerpoint connections provided for laptop/phone charging lead

Galley: Small


Merlin IIIB


The Merlin IIIB is a fast turboprop aircraft with excellent range. The aircraft allows up to 7 passengers with operational flexibility. The Merlin IIIB is a faster, longer range air charter alternative to other similar turboprops. The aircraft is equipped with all the necessary creature comforts including full refreshment centre, toilet, climate control and a pressurised cabin.

Passengers Loads: 6-7

Range: 1,700nm / 3,100km

Baggage: Large internal and medium nose baggage area

Galley: Yes (small)

Toilet: Yes (partitioned)

Cessna 340A                                                                                                                                 


The Cessna 340A is a pressurised piston twin engine aircraft. This aircraft is ideal for short rural flights for the efficient business traveller which otherwise would be arduous long distance drives. It has the capacity to take four passengers in airconditioned comfort.

Passenger Loads: 3

Range: (2 crew / 3 passengers) 250nm / 463km

Baggage: Small external nose and wing compartment, small rear internal area

Environment: Air-conditioned

Pressurisation: Fully pressurised



The DC-3 is a historic airliner which we operate to remind people of the romance of flying. Please see our Experiences page to find out more about the classic aircraft.

Passenger Loads: 28

Range: 'Douglas, First Around the World'

Configuration: Airline configuration with 4 person flight lounge in the rear

Baggage: Large internal baggage area

Toilet: Yes (large)


SNJ-5b Harvard                                                                                                 

One of the most successful trainer aircraft ever produced is the SNJ-5b Harvard. Please see our Experiences page to find out more about this aircraft.

Passenger Loads: 1 (in tandem with pilot)

Range: 30 minute Adventure flight

Speed: 100kts-180kts

Aerobatics: Yes (as mild or as wild as you like)