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‘Shortstop’ came into being in the early eighties as the structure within which the founder, Mike Falls Snr, managed and operated various light aircraft on behalf of his customers. When he bought the first jet into service (A gorgeous Citation 500, sourced from Africa) in 1984, Shortstop Jet Charter commenced operations. We’ve been flying business jets ever since, which makes Shortstop the longest continuously operating jet charter company in Australia. The extensive list of jet aircraft that been have operated included Lear 24, 25, 35/Westwind I/Citation I & II/Hawker 800 & 1000. Additionally, the company has been involved in various other types, including the DC-3 from 1990. Mike Falls Jnr became a part of the company in the early nineties, and now runs it on a day to day basis, as well as flying all the aircraft.

From the outset, Mike Snr placed great store in providing a path for young people to enter the industry, and this has continued to the present. It’s been outstandingly successful, with twenty plus young and talented individuals learning about aviation over the years. They begin with Shortstop at an early stage of their aviation career, and whilst the task of training is demanding and ongoing, the results are excellent! Mike Falls Snr on our staff "The current group are just about the best we’ve had, and we glory in their advancement from students to Captain and beyond. We have a very even gender balance, and believe we’re all the better for it".

We are:

Mike Falls sr, Managing Director, Chief Pilot.

Mike Falls jr, Director, Senior Line and Training Captain.

Shirley Dunlop, Emeritus Director.

Lynne Pearson, Office Manager.

Julie-Anne Williams, Passenger Services Manager.

Brenton Skinn, Deputy Chief Pilot.

Emily Blake, Training Manager.

Donna Jacobs, Maintenance Controller.

Joe Zizek, Director of Maintenance.


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