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Unique Function Venues Melbourne

If you’re looking for a spacious unique function venue in Melbourne, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking to have a corporate dinner, an intimate soiree, or maybe a reunion, you can enjoy Shortstop Jet Charter’s available space that is ideal for such events.  You can even use our beautiful aircraft as the backdrop for your event. This is sure to impress your guest taking your event to the next level.
Maybe you’re looking to have an event that requires music or space for a DJ. We can accommodate, we offer plenty of space for stage set up, Dj booth, lighting desk and more. No matter what kind of talent you’re booking they will have more than enough room.

Another reason we’re a preferred function venues in Melbourne is that we also have the ability to provide flights for your guests in our DC-3. Depending on your event this could be a significant benefit of booking with Shortstop Jet Charter. Enjoy the perfect setting for every event you host, each and every year.

We can help hire;

  • Sounds system and PA
  • Light desk and lights
  • Any level of catering from canapes to 3 course meals

Shortstop Jet Charter has been home to many a unique function at its Melbourne location. This includes space for film premiers, gourmet BBQ’s and dinners, and product launches. If you’re in need of space for any type of event and prefer your guests to have a unique experience, we encourage you to give us a call today! 

If you have questions about our space or you would like to come to take a looK, call Juile 03 9379 9299 or use our Enquiry Form.
We take pride in making sure that our venue far exceeds your expectations.